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Community Development through School Building Construction

Saetanar has been working to promote rural development through school building construction and improvement of school facilities based on the principle that a sustained basic education is indispensable for the progress of a community. Furthermore, Saetanar is actively involved in projects to secure income that would support a continuous school operation and improve local people’s lives........


School Building

Construction Project

The Ministry of border affairs in corporation with Township Education Office selects appropriate numbers of candidate schools to be supported by the EPD Project, usually 3 candidates from each Township. Saetanar selects target schools through the survey by visiting each candidate school and hold meetings with community people.

Community Development Project
(Soft Project)

The Soft Project is the most important factor of the EPD Project. This Project aims the sustainable school operation, institutional strengthen of the community and community development to increase their livelihood by running income generation activities by community. The school operation needs money and such money is mostly collected by parents and community people.

Agricultural Development and Extension

Most of the project sites of Saetanar are farming area and the income of the community people is largely depended on farming. In order to improve community people’s livelihood and develop a sustainable agriculture, Saetanar conduct demonstrations how to make compost using native microorganisms (Dochaku-kin) and bamboo (or wood) vinegar.

Mini Project

Saetanar applys the Mini-Project scheme in the EPD operational area in order to cater for the urgent needs concerning the buildings of the schools not targeted in the framework of the EPD project. The target school is selected from proposals raised by local communities or other organizations such as Na Ta La and Township Education Office.....