Community Development Project (Soft Project)

The Soft Project is the most important factor of the EPD Project. This Project aims the sustainable school operation, institutional strengthen of the community and community development to increase their livelihood by running income generation activities by community. Further, the children not attending school by socio-economic reasons will be decreased by reducing burden of parents through income generation activities.


The school operation needs money and such money is mostly collected by parents and community people. The Government budget for education is quit limited and it causes many problems, such as shortage of teachers, school building and classes, furniture like desks and chairs, deteriorated school building and latrines.


There are many cases to employ teachers by community due to shortage of dispatched teachers by the Government. Even there are enough numbers of teachers it is not rear to support teachers by community in presenting rice, cooking oil, transportation expenses and etc. in order to keep them in school as long as possible.


Not only paying such allowance for teachers but also community has to pay for repair and/or construction of extension of school building as well as maintenance of road and construction and/or repair of monastery in the community. Those expenses are very big burden for community people who are mostly farmers and their income is quite limited.


Under such situation, community’s income generation activities by the Soft Project will reduce their burden to the school operation and many children become easier to attend school.


Community decides what kind of Soft Project shall be conducted for income generation through plenary meeting(s). The Soft Project must be conducted and managed by community itself. The capital fund for the Project is provided by Saetanar in cash as the Community Development Project Funds. The amount of the funds is calculated by the bases of their contribution to the school building construction by EPD Project. Therefore, if the contribution is bigger the funds become bigger.